M. Rev. Archdruid E.J. OakLore, M.Msc.
COATS Professor of Theology and Religious Philosophy

Author / editor of The Druidcraft Grimoire: Rites and Liturgies of The Druidcraft Fellowship (Druidcraft Fellowship Publishing, 2020), Rev. OakLore has studied philosophy, religion, metaphysics, history, and a wide range of other fields both independently and formally, notably with Yale University, the University of Edinburgh, and others. He is a graduate of the University of Metaphysics and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Sedona. In his metaphysical practice, OakLore is a writer, bard, liturgist, singer, counselor, and Reiki practitioner. A member of the esoteric community and the world’s oldest fraternity, Rev. OakLore is a 32nd-Degree Mason in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He is also the founder and elected Archdruid of the Sacred Order of the Druidcraft Fellowship, and leads a local TDF congregation, Heart of Manannán Coven, in northeast Florida.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Lake, Th.D.
Academic Dean
COATS Professor of History and Comparative Religion

Rev. Lake holds a post-graduate degree in Theology and describes himself as a “mild-mannered student of life.” He is the Pastor of a local Heathen Kindred in the Capital Region of New York State. His personal tradition is Armanic in nature with roots in 19th century Germany. Rev. Lake also enjoys teaching gardening techniques to students interested in urban homesteading. Rev. Lake lectures in Indo-European migration theory, European history and culture, magickal theory, Runic lore, ritual development, clerical development and comparative mythologies.

Rt. Wor. Sis. Cathain MacCarthaigh, B.B.A.
Secretary, Registrar

Sis. Cathain is a U.S. Army veteran and has studied many religions over her lifetime. Five years ago she came to the Wiccan path as a solitary practitioner, but over time began to feel that something was missing. It wasn’t until she attended a TDF Beltane celebration that she found her true path in Druidcraft. Sis. Cathain loves spending time in the woods, the mountains, at the beach, and is also a (pet) rescue mom. She currently has five rescued pets; three cats and two dogs in her home and loves them all. Sis. Cathain specializes in aromatherapy and herbalism. She is also Secretary of the TDF Council of Elders.

Rt. Wor. Sis. Caitríona Draíocht Fhiáin, B.A.
Undergraduate Instructor

Sis. Caitríona is a long-time student of Celtic mythology and spirituality and came to our fellowship eager to explore the Druidcraft tradition. She formed an immediate connection with our Mother Coven family and has shined a great light on all of us. Sis. Caitríona is the Assistant Editor of The Druidcraft Grimoire: Rites and Liturgies of The Druidcraft Fellowship (Druidcraft Fellowship Publishing, 2020), and is a gifted writer, liturgist, and storyteller. As Vice Chair of the TDF Council of Elders, Sis. Caitríona helps to shape the spiritual vision of the TDF and is an ambassador of the Order to the wider Pagan community.