COATS is dedicated to preparing students for ordination in Pagan ministry, with the aim of advancing spiritual enrichment and scholarship, combatting religious-based prejudice and misinformation, and working toward ecumenical friendship and mutual benefit.



COATS offers a world-class education in the principles, foundations, and practice of metaphysics as both a philosophy and a science, leading to a deeper understanding of the great mysteries of the Universe.


Our focus on developing a deep and abiding relationship with the Gods is centered around Nature and the Universe as that in which the Divine is manifest. Our enduring relationship with the Divine cultivates our Body, Mind, and Spirit connection to all things in Heaven and Earth.


At COATS, our focus is on scholarship, expressed through rigorous learning, seeking well-informed and accurate sources, believing only in that which has an intelligent and well-defined base of supporting evidence, and being open to the evolution of both science and our own spiritual understanding.


Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary (COATS) is the educational division of The Most Sacred Order of the Druidcraft Fellowship.


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Recent Posts

COATS’ eCAMPUS Coming Soon!

It has long been a goal of the Seminary to roll out an online classes platform to enable distance learning for students not local to the TDF Mother Coven. This goal is now being realized as COATS’ new “eCAMPUS” platform is currently under development.

Students will be able to log on to the school’s eCAMPUS and access virtual classrooms for those courses offered by COATS, or a resources page for external courses (courses offered through another school or learning platform). Students will be able to easily enroll in each course offering and submit their course completion right from the virtual classroom or resources page.

Virtual classrooms for those courses offered by COATS will contain class videos and other materials including required reading, exams, assignments, and links to purchase recommended reading and supplies.

Extensive resource pages will also be available with tons of helpful materials to guide students through their undergraduate capstone project and the graduate thesis.

Also recently added to the COATS website is an online admissions application for those interested in studying with the Seminary.

It’s fair to say that we at COATS are very excited about the future! Take a tour of our website to learn more. Prospective students are invited to contact us to request a catalog.

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