Blues Artist Thomasina Winslow to Receive Honorary Doctorate

It is our sincere honor and privilege to announce our second honoree for our first-ever commencement scheduled for May 21st, 2021!

Thomasina Winslow is an accomplished Blues artist who has dedicated her life and career to teaching and empowering at-risk and incarcerated youth through music. In this effort, Ms. Winslow has positively affected the lives of hundreds of young people, lifting them out of the school-to-prison pipeline, giving them hope, confidence, and the resources to succeed in life. Through her dedicated and tireless work, Ms. Winslow has shown us that a true minister is identified not by robes or titles, but by their selfless service to others and that through that service, we find our calling and connection to all that is Divine. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Thomasina Winslow, Doctor of Ministry in Music, honoris causa!

Rev. Paolo Santo, COATS Professor of Metaphysics, to Receive Honorary Doctorate

We are excited and pleased beyond measure to announce that, among its honorees for our first-ever commencement in May of 2021, is COATS Professor of Metaphysics and Esoterica, Rev. Paolo Santo! Rev. Paolo will receive an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in recognition of his years of service and ministry to the spiritual and fraternal communities.

Dr. Santo is a psychic medium, minister, counselor, hypnotist, healer, and founder of Pillars of Prophecy, a temple and school of spiritualism and ceremonial magick.  Rev. Paolo has studied with the Omni Center of Hypnosis, Morris Pratt Institute of Spiritualism. He is ordained in spiritualist ministry by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (N.S.A.C.).  Dr. Santo has deep connections with the western mystery traditions. He is a member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and is a 32nd-Degree Mason in the Scottish Rite.  Dr. Santo has authored several books on divination and metaphysics, including Celestial Light: A Practical Guide to Astrology, and Dreams and Omens: Through the Veil.

Announcing Commencement 2021

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! COATS is happy to announce it’s first-ever commencement exercises are now scheduled to be held on Friday, May 21st, 2021.

The Administration invites you to join us as we honor and celebrate the achievement of the first-ever Associate and Baccalaureate class of the Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary! During the ceremony, the Seminary will also be celebrating two preeminent members of the spiritual community with honorary doctorates in Divinity and Ministry.  The class will be privileged to hear remarks from both speakers.

The ceremony will take place in Jacksonville, FL. The venue will be announced in the coming months.