Blues Artist Thomasina Winslow to Receive Honorary Doctorate

It is our sincere honor and privilege to announce our second honoree for our first-ever commencement scheduled for May 21st, 2021!

Thomasina Winslow is an accomplished Blues artist who has dedicated her life and career to teaching and empowering at-risk and incarcerated youth through music. In this effort, Ms. Winslow has positively affected the lives of hundreds of young people, lifting them out of the school-to-prison pipeline, giving them hope, confidence, and the resources to succeed in life. Through her dedicated and tireless work, Ms. Winslow has shown us that a true minister is identified not by robes or titles, but by their selfless service to others and that through that service, we find our calling and connection to all that is Divine. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Thomasina Winslow, Doctor of Ministry in Music, honoris causa!

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