COATS’ eCAMPUS provides access to virtual classrooms and resource pages. Please review and agree to the Terms of Use below to be taken to the login screen.

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COATS’ eCAMPUS area is intended for students of Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary who are dedicated and initiated members of, or those serious about exploring membership with, The Druidcraft Fellowship.

By accessing the eCAMPUS you attest that you are a dedicated or initiated member of The Druidcraft Fellowship, or one who is seriously contemplating such dedication, that you have completed the admissions application and been formally accepted as a student of COATS, and that you have been provided authorized access to this area.

By accessing the eCAMPUS you agree not to share the login information provided to you with anyone.

By accessing the the eCAMPUS you agree not to discuss the content therein with anyone who has not been provided authorized access.

By accessing the eCAMPUS you agree not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights (copyright) of Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary, The Druidcraft Fellowship, and/or the author(s) of any of the materials to which access has been provided.

By accessing the eCAMPUS you agree to abide by all the Terms of Use as stated herein and understand that failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to having your access discontinued, suspension or expulsion from the Seminary, and your membership in The Druidcraft Fellowship suspended or terminated.