Chancellor’s Message


It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to this Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary website in anticipation of your future studies with our institution. At COATS, we are committed to a rigorous and quality education in preparation for your future ministry in the Elder Ways.

The vocation of clergy is a special calling indeed, for it is to receive a holy and life-changing blessing from the Gods to whom we owe our worship and our praise, both for our creation and for our spiritual awakening in this life. It is to be marked by an indelible character that cannot be unmade. It is a deep and abiding connection with the Earth and Her mysteries that cannot be undone. It elevates us in many important ways but the greatest among them is the elevation of our faith in, compassion, and concern for others, our ability to recognize the Divine in others, and our desire to serve selflessly.

It is the hope and the aim of COATS programs that we help inspire and facilitate that awakening, to forge that character through an exploration of the ancient mysteries, to guide you along the path the lies before you, and to help you achieve knowledge and wisdom equal to the best of scholars, philosophers, priests, priestesses, and keepers of the Elder Ways who walked our path before us. This, so that into your hands may be commended the stewardship of our Covens and Groves, our tribe, and our community.

In love, in light, and with abundant blessings,